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Working out with Matthew has been an eye opening experience. I have tried many different workout regimens over the years, but have never been able to stick with them or reach my desired goals. Matthew uses his expertise as well as general fitness, nutrition, personality assessments to develop an individualized plan that will work for YOU! I look forward to my workouts because they are constantly changing and they are all about me. I don't have to worry about who is beside me, moving faster or lifting heavier. I am also learning so much about how my body and mind work in concert and why I have not been successful in the past. I strongly recommend Matthew for your personal training needs, it's not just about the workout, it's about YOU!
Kara Turner
My general goals when I started working out with Matthew 6 months ago were to be stronger and leaner, and to better understand what was meant by "you are what you eat." Specifically, I wanted to lose body fat in certain areas, be more tone overall, and bring more power and strength to my tennis game. Under Matthew's guidance, encouragement and training, I have exceeded every goal and reached outcomes I never imagined were possible at my age. Matthew's style and approach to training is unique and highly effective as he uses a smart balance of driving and supporting you. He doesn't let you slack off, and holds you accountable for what you say you want to accomplish. However, he pushes you in a way that lets you know he just wants you to be successful in meeting your goals and being healthy in life. In short, he pushes you because he cares. I have also learned a lot about nutrition, and what to eat and when to give my body what it needs to feel good overall and have the energy to live the life I want. Matthew also committed time to creating custom workouts I could do from home, and he encourages contact between sessions to make sure you have what you need to reach your goals with confidence and clarity. I've worked with a lot of trainers over the years, and Matthew by far brings the most value and the best results of anyone. I recommend him unconditionally.
Cheryl Stevens
I highly recommend Matthew if you are looking for a complete customized plan for optimal health. His approach to helping his clients meet their “internal” as well as their “external” goals really sets him apart. Matthew has me on a path that includes functional medicine and through this and the use of his BioSignature testing I have really been able to get to the bottom of what I need for a healthier me! If you are serious about not only looking great but feeling great and getting on a path for a longer and healthier life, go see Matthew!
Leigh Kempf
I started working with Matthew last April with goals around strength training and toning. I have definitely seen the benefits. Matthew also goes above and beyond and checks in with me after races to see if I met my goals and also offers advice for various training programs. The one-on-one attention is the best.
Kristan Shimpi
I have been one of Matthew's clients for two years now.  Before meeting him, I was working out at a local gym with a trainer but did not feel I was getting desired results from it all.  Matthew has been an outstanding trainer and inspiration in so many ways.  He is a true professional in his studio.  When I am with him, he is completely focused on me with a planned workout that he created prior to my session.  His workouts always take into account his clients' own personal goals as well as any limitations that may exist from past or present injuries.  At the same time, he also ensures that I am developing overall body strength to avoid any injuries.  His astute observations of every little detail of my workout are amazing to me, as he notices small things I am not even aware of.   Given his awareness, there is definitely no "cheating" with him!  Periodically, we review the workouts and my goals to ensure we are staying on a successful track.  

Matthew also seems to live what he preaches.  He is a true inspiration in regards to taking care of yourself.  His training goes beyond the workout session, as he is focused on one's overall health and realizes the importance of good eating, good sleep and overall physical and mental health for wellness.  I often hear his voice in the back of my head when I am straying away from what I know is healthy for me!  I know I can always talk to him about any dietary or health concern.  On more than one occasion he has sent me articles he has found regarding prior discussions we have had.  He is also great for me emotionally.  Sometimes I walk into his studio stressed, frazzled or tired and by the end of the session, I walk out feeling refreshed and focused again.  Lastly, he has a great sense of humor that is perfect when you are in the midst of a tough workout.  I really can't say enough wonderful things about him and am so glad I found him.
Sullivan M.
Matthew is amazing.  He is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to his clients' success.  I started going to him to tone up and get into better shape.  Then, I got pregnant with my third child and had to change goals.  I trained with him throughout my pregnancy and after my c-section.  He has helped me shed a lot of baby weight (over 70 pounds!) and completely reshape my physique.  Most importantly, training with Matthew has been a boost to my self-confidence and overall sense of well-being.  I couldn't imagine training with anyone else!
Kanika Capel
I came to Matthew after 13 years of being on sports teams, difficult workout regimens, and virtually no success. I knew that I needed to put on muscle mass to become healthier, but no matter what I tried, nothing worked. The first three months working out with Matthew truly revolutionized my life. In the area of workouts, I finally felt like I had weightlifting routines that I could actually follow without getting burnt out. In addition, his focus on keeping my muscles under tension through the sets was something that I had never heard before, but which made huge impacts. I had also had trouble with meal planning, but he was able to help me through his extensive nutritional knowledge, to make small incremental changes to my diet that for the first time allowed me to feel like I had energy again and put on muscle mass at the same time. In addition, I have had no serious back injuries like I used to have since working with Matthew almost 8 months ago, and have noticed significant increases in muscle mass throughout my body. I recommend training with Matthew to anyone of any gender, shape, or size. He tailors your plan to you specifically and is there for you 100% from the moment you sign up to insure that you meet your goals.
Chris Berg
Now that I am old, I decided to get in shape. Losing weight and getting stronger is a long journey, but I am on my way with Matt's help. He is always attentive, has a good sense of humor, knows what's right for me and what I can do. I hope he continues putting up with me... I highly recommend him.
Monica Rector
My life has changed for the better since I started my personal training at Carpe Diem with Matt Alegre. When I started this journey back in February 2012, my motivation was merely to help myself be as healthy as I could be. I wasn't even thinking about weight loss. I shared my goals with Matt; he created a personal plan for me based on my goals, where I was physically, and his awareness of total health. Then we started the journey. An important part of the process was a diet analysis. The analysis revealed that my diet was high in carbohydrates, which correlated directly to sugar intake. I realized that I had some adjustments to make if I wanted to gain the most out of this experience. Today I continue to make dietary adjustments with Matt's guidance. I have had many personal ah-hah moments! Through these personal training sessions, I am becoming physically stronger, I am losing excess body fat, I can see the definition of my muscles, I feel better, and the fitness has definitely transferred into making my daily activities more fun and easier. The funny thing is that I had not consciously correlated my health and excess fat as direct opposites. I assume that this is due to the fact that I have never considered myself to be overweight. I have learned that when I come to my training sessions, I must be ready to work - because once I step inside that door it is ready or not here we go! Thanks, Matt, for assisting me in taking the time to incorporate fitness and health into my daily life. This experience is a game changer for me!!!
Gloria Berry-Holly
I came to Matt about 6 weeks ago, a 42 year-old man with the physique of the Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man. I wanted to lose weight, improve my physique, and increase my energy, and I was finally ready to declare my own fitness regimen (occasional aerobic exercise; high carb vegetarian diet) to be a complete failure. Matt started me out with the saying, "you can't out-train a bad diet," and he insisted that I completely change my diet before starting any exercise. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give Matt's approach a try. Within two weeks, my protein intake went from an average of 25 grams per day to around 200 grams per day, I was drinking tons of water, and I was taking vitamins that I'd never even heard of. It seemed kind-of weird at first, but I just couldn't argue with the results. I was less hungry, I had more energy, I stopped feeling sleepy at 3:00pm, and I was able to eliminate sweets and caffeine for the first time in my adult life! Now, I'm exercising regularly and feeling comfortable in the part of the gym that I used to avoid (you know, where the weights are), and I'm beginning to see changes in my body and in the way my clothes fit. Even my 5 year-old made a comment. Nothing keeps me motivated to reach my goals like progress.
Benson Hoffman
Best trainer I have ever had. Attention to detail is incredible. Listens to desires of each client, while also considering individual exercises necessary for injury prevention, personal medical history, etc. Tough, but kind overall health coach. Very knowledgeable about training, nutrition, supplements, health maintenance, etc. Will push you beyond your own goals. Can't speak highly enough.
Lindsay Wojciechowski
Matthew Alegre's philosophy towards health and fitness far exceeds that of any other trainer that I have had in the past. Matthew makes it his priority to understand the needs of each individual client, and he does an excellent job putting together a work out routine that works for you. He's creative, personable and extremely, the "I can't" attitude will become a thing of past!
Maria Cross
As a mom of 3, I was looking to get some help in losing the weight from my most recent pregnancy. I am thrilled to say that after only 3 months I am already fitting back into some of the clothes before my FIRST pregnancy! Matthew is an inspiration and keeps my routines challenging and different each week to keep me from getting bored. I have a ways to go, but know that Matthew will be with me every step of the way.
Julie Malloy
Just to warn you, this may be addictive. You might start out thinking you'll pick up some new routines, explore a few new exercise options. Maybe you're sick of all your usual moves at the gym. Next thing you know, you'll actually be looking forward to those new workouts, even though you will be sore the next day. Matthew is a real innovator. He can work around any injury, and with any schedule, no matter how hectic. He even makes house calls. I never knew just how much one can accomplish in a hour. You will be stronger, fitter and thinner for all the effort. And once your series is finished, you'll want to sign up for another. This is the best trainer, hands down, that I have ever worked with. He is up to date on all sports, injury prevention, re-habilitation and nutrition issues. There really isn't any question I've had that he can't answer. Even if you only use his sessions irregularly, as a template for your own work at the gym, it will be time well spent.
Amy Rice, MD FRCPC
After reaching "a certain age" and seeing the great results a friend was having with Matthew, I decided to give personal training a shot. It's been one month and I am so happy with Matthew and myself! I'm stronger, livelier, more conscience of my food choices and my jeans are looking good! Matthew is a great trainer, motivator and healthy lifestyle mentor. His friendly but firm "push" is helping me achieve my goals.
Stacy Sink
I've been working out with Matthew Alegre for over 2 years. He is extremely professional, experienced and knowledgeable. Workouts with Matthew are motivating, creative and always positive! Over the past couple of years I've had several injuries, including hand surgery, to work around – no problem for Matt. He's able to modify a workout to meet any injury, skill level, and fitness goal. If you want a varied, exciting approach to getting in fantastic shape with an emphasis on functional fitness then strength training and conditioning with Matthew is for you!
Kelly Glenn
My weekly training with Matt has been key to my fitness goal accomplishments. I've trained with Matt for several years, but decided to 'step it up' as I approached my 40th birthday. I was already feeling fairly strong, but I really wanted to get my weight in check as a birthday present to myself. Matt helped me develop a plan for diet and exercise and I reached my goal faster than I thought possible. I feel great and the big payoff comes on Mondays when I am not sore or stiff after a weekend of waterskiing at the lake!
Arthur Rogers
Matthew is a conscious business professional focused on helping all of his clients reach their personal goals. I have never seen a trainer so focused on making his client's goals his priority. He uses many different styles and techniques to make working out fun and interesting. I would recommend him highly.
Dr. Charles Hecht
I started seeing and feeling the results right away... and I feel like I am making progress towards my goal in every session. That progress, and Matt's dedication to my success, keeps me motivated.
John Douglas
I've taken Matt's bootcamp classes and he really knows how to challenge you to take your fitness to another level!  We are always learning new exercises and drills each week so it keeps it exciting. Matt is very professional and I can tell he is truly eager to help me reach my fitness goals. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Stephanie Zynda
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