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I recently completed my BioSignature Program and am excited about the results. I not only lost body fat, but have also learned a lot about how to “fine tune” my nutrition and supplements to feel better for the rest of my life. I ended up having a big medical issue in the middle of the program and was restricted from exercising for 30 days. Talk about frustration and stress! Matthew worked with me to continue the program through my nutrition and supplements and amazingly enough - I still gained muscle mass and lost body fat! This proved to me that proper diet is key to any long term healthy plan for my body.

Matthew is a committed and focused coach who will help you find the right mix of exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices to give you a roadmap for success. I highly recommend the program. It is not just a 12-week regimen, but a true lifestyle change in which you will reap benefits for the rest of your life.

Julie Malloy

I have successfully completed the BioSignature Program. It has not been easy but it has been incredibly rewarding and life giving. I feel better than I have in years and no longer walk around in a sugar haze. Thankfully, my husband and I embarked on this journey together so we have been able to support and encourage each other. The changes in his body count have been more dramatic, but as long as I can expect a slow and steady drop in body fat I am just fine with that!

Someone asked me how my "diet" was going and I assured them I was not on a diet - it was more of a lifestyle change. Like becoming a vegetarian or deciding to give up alcohol. We have actually had to eat more so that we can gain lean muscle mass. More protein and good stuff, less junk. Our workouts have basically stayed the same, but eating Paleo, adding Poliquin supplements and following Charles Poliquin’s (and Matthew’s) advice has made a huge difference.

I have been cooking meals out of Sarah Fragosoʼs Everyday Paleo cookbook and they are easy to make, beautiful to behold and tasty. My grocery cart looks much different than it used to. I keep lots of nuts, meat and veggies on hand. The sugar cravings that were interrupting my day and counterattacking my workouts are gone. I have more energy, mental clarity and fewer headaches.

The extra bonus: I can fit into a pair of pants I’ve been holding onto for 12 years hoping one day I could wear them again! So even though I wouldn’t dare put on a bikini, I feel better, stronger and that stubborn muffin top is shrinking (turns out there is actually a correlation to muffin tops and muffins, breads, cakes etc.).

Have you seen Mattʼs new shirt? Animals/Plants/Water - It’s Not That Hard People. It’s really not! If I can do this, anybody can!

Thanks Matt!

Liza Howell

It is quite easy to get comfortable with a workout routine, and never see results. When I say results, it is not always about the physical appearance. I found that I was "stuck in a rut" when it came to my workouts. What I mean by this is that I wanted to be at my next level of fitness. To give you one example, I wanted to be able to bench press more than 30 pounds! This meant pushing myself harder, changing my exercise routine and diet.

I recently completed my 12-week BioSignature program with Matthew. This program helped me to focus on my own specific desires, including:

  1. Eating habits – providing foods that work best for me, and giving me optimal performance
  2. An individual vitamin regimen, as needed
  3. A workout routine especially designed for my required needs.

Twelve weeks later, I can honestly say that I do feel the difference. My energy levels have improved, I do not feel as bloated as I used to, and my strength has increased in all areas, and I am happy to report that I can now bench press at least 55 pounds!

Maria Cross
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